Barcode Labeling – An Essential for Your Business

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Barcode Labeling, data fetching for invoicing process and product tracking with accurate information has become essential activity in all businesses.

1D and 2D Barcodes

1-Dimensional Barcodes and 2-Dimentional Barcodes such as QR Codes, Data Matrix and Aztec have been popular across many business verticals around the globe. Most commonly used UPC Codes or QR Codes help organizations and business to keep accurate data of all inventory, shipments and assets, in order to be more accountable, productive and profitable.

A Printed label is embedded with key information as data that needs to be identified quickly and easily of a product or item. Supply chain process makes use of QR Code and Barcodes, in offering efficient services, to leverage success and profitability to global businesses and trades.

Label Printing Process

The process of Barcode Labeling and system requires Computer / IT System Setup. In addition to this, this system will have 3 main components;

  1. The Barcode Label Printer, Barcode Labels and Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  2. Label Designer Software or third party Label Printing Applications Software
  3. Barcode Scanner / Reader – 1D or 2D Advantages of Barcode Labeling

Barcoding and inventory tracking is a proven system and a go-to technology that many companies around the world use for Work-in-Progress, shipping products, controlling and improving inventories, and ease of data management for business analytics. Many businesses benefitted, especially when inventory data is very crucial.

Depending on the business use-case, time savings can be significant.  No matter the size of the item or size of the business, barcode system and solutions is designed to streamline your productivity.

Advantages of Barcode Labeling and Tracking

A customer who needed a crew of 25 employees working over a week-end to take his bi-annual inventory, when implemented a barcode system and solutions, he reduced his inventory staff to 4-5 employees and the inventory data at hand within about 5 hours.

Leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Barcode Label Printer

In the barcode label Printer Industry, Zebra Technologies has the largest market share of printers and then comes TSC, Honeywell, Godex, Epson, and Toshiba are leading in the list of manufacturers.

Barcode Labeling Solutions

Allmark – End-to-end Barcoding Solutions Provider and a One-Stop Source in Tamil Nadu, India offers leading brands of Barcode Label Printers, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Labels and Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Tips to Choose Right Barcode Label Printer 

All sizes of labels compatible for Zebra / TSC printers including popular 4” x 6” label sizes (100mm X 150mm) in 1” core, 3” cores and fanfold. Allmark does have the inventory of both thermal transfer and direct thermal labels.

Label Printing Application Software

We know how important labels are for your chain supply to run as smoothly as possible. Printing Barcode labels is Easy, especially with WELPIDE Software and Increases Your Business productivity and Efficiency.

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    […] transfer printing. Both Thermal Printers and Thermal Transfer Printers are capable to produce barcode labels which are high-quality images with excellent edge definition and that the barcode scanners capture […]

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